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  • Joy started the meeting
  • Sgt. McWhirter provided the police report
    • Traffic is an issue with speeding especially on Meadow
    • 2 aggressive assaults occurred in the area by known offenders (neighbor dispute)
    • 2 burglaries occurred
    • He reminded neighbors to lock your car doors and not leave Amazon packages out on the front steps for quick and easy theft
  • Colette McEachin, Commonwealth Attorney came to introduce herself and provide her personal background
  • Amy Robins provided the 5th district report on behalf of Stephanie Lynch
    • Texas Beach Bridge repair – expect 3-5 years before reopening
    • Leaf collection and street cleaning updates – street cleaning occurs twice a year and leaf collection takes place upon request.
    • Infrastructure – sidewalks are coming and a diagram will be shared to show where repairs will be done
    • 5th District Holiday Party is December 15 from 5:30 – 8
  • Maymont Happenings
    • December 2 & 3 – Merry Market
  • Bring leaves to the community garden!
  • December 3 from 1pm – 3pm will be a community garden workday
  • Reminder to decorate your block with Christmas bows – the Civic League will reimburse neighbors for costs
  • Our neighbor Jan is looking to create a neighborhood directory – more details to come in 2023
  • Compost bins are in Randolph Park – it is a great place to take your compost
  • Tax relief/rebate information is also being sent out to neighbors so be on the lookout if that is applicable to you or contact Stephanie Lynch/Amy Robins for more information


  • Joy started the meeting and introduced the Board (Joy Rogers, President; Justin Patterson, Treasurer; Leah Hopper, Secretary; Mark Brandon, Community Liason)
  • 31 neighbors and guests were in attendance
  • Bill Shanabruch of Reedy Creek Environmental LLC was a guest speaker who discussed native plants
    • Native plants – before European arrival
    • Invasive plants are plants that disrupt the native ecosystem
    • Mistaken Identity was a recommended read
    • He discussed where to plant native plants and encouraged the neighborhood to volunteer with the Invasive Species Task Force to learn how to identify and remove invasive species
    • He discussed the importance of native planting
  • Marc Wagner and Joanna Knight of the Department of Historic Resources shared with the neighborhood that we are qualified for the honorary designation of being registered on the National Register Historic District. This designation is just an honor, there are no restrictions as part of this honor.
    • Neighbor Kirk Mullican submitted the application and it succeeded Board review and can move on to the formal approval process if the neighborhood agrees.
    • Next steps include the formal application and architectural survey. The City may have funds available to assist with this and the VDHR has a grant program.
  • Erin and Max of Dominion Energy discussed the Strategic Underground Program which is proposed for parts of Georgia Avenue. They are asking for a 15′ easement and they were available to explain the project in further detail and answer neighbor questions and address concerns.
    • Concerns included sizes of yards, the large boxes required for every 3-4 homes, among other process concerns
  • Parke Richeson of Maymont reported on Maymont reported that since our last meeting in March, 5,200 mansion tours have taken place, the nature center has seen 9,800 visitors, and 1800 students for educational programs (500 of which were Title 1 students)
    • Mutts at Maymont is coming on June 18
    • Music at Maymont kicks off on June 9 (Guster & the Wood Brothers)
  • The neighborhood voted unanimously to consider participation in National Night Out on August 2
  • The neighborhood also voted unanimously to consider hosting a “Maymont Mile” to raise funds for a playground near the skatepark.
  • REMINDERS: We are always looking for flyer deliverers before meetings and neighborhood walk and talks take place every Wednesday at 7pm (meet on the corner of Greenville and Pennslyvania)

January 17, 2022 Meeting Minutes (via Zoom)

  • The Civic League Board is looking for a Vice President
  • Betsy Carr gave her General Assembly report:
    • The General Assembly met on Wednesday online
    • Her priorities this session include: healthcare, criminal justice, improving VEC, Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission (JLARC) recommendations, No Child Left Behind, environmental education, and speeding
    • They will be adopting a budget this session
    • If anyone is interested in meeting with Betsy, a meeting via Zoom or in person can be setup
  • Amy Robins gave her report on behalf of Stephanie Lynch for the 5th District:
    • Snail mail flyer with Council meeting dates is coming soon
    • Elderly and disabled tax relief applications are now open
  • Neighborhood announcements:
    • A new, more collaborative Facebook group has been created “Maymont Civic League”
    • Leaf removal is coming (no further information)
    • The North Bank Trail fence may need repair – the James River Park Service will check out
    • A historic district designation update will be coming in March or May

November 15, 2021 Meeting Minutes (via Zoom)

  • Lt. Naroz gave his police report:
    • YTD the Maymont area has had 1 violent crime and 8 property crimes (down from 12 last year)
    • He reminded everyone to be extra vigilant with shopping season approaching
  • Parks Richeson gave a report on Maymont:
    • Visits were up 20% last year and they are up an additional 20% this year
    • 15,000 visits last quarter
    • The Mansion will have Christmas audio tours available
    • The 3rd floor will hold an interactive orientation to the Jim Crow era
  • Betsy Carr gave her General Assembly report:
    • The session will begin the second Wednesday of January
    • This session will be 2 months and will be held in-person
  • Amy Robins gave her report on behalf of Stephanie Lynch for the 5th District:
    • Lower speed limits are being introduced to residential areas
    • New sidewalks are coming in Spring 2022
    • Senior bags will be distributed in the coming months and she needs neighborhood volunteers
    • Police and fire pay and benefits are being adjusted to be more competitive with nearby localities
  • Joy Rogers gave an update on the Riverview Park playground vision

March 21, 2022 Meeting Minutes

  • Finally in person! Meeting held at 1000 Westover Rd. location
  • Joy Rogers, President, started the meeting at 7:10 with 19 neighbors present and 6 guest.
  • Joy reminded attendees that membership is $10 per household and that membership dues go towards scholarships for neighborhood graduates, block parties, and food bank donations
  • Weekly Wednesday Walks begin March 30
    • Neighbors meet at the corner of Pennsylvania and Greenville
    • Kids and pets are welcome!
  • Lt. Naroz gave his police report
    • There has been a slight increase in violent crimes
      • Across the precinct, there have been 36 crimes this year as compared to the same time period in 2021.
    • Property crimes are up more significantly
      • 462 in 2022 compared to 397 in 2021
      • Hondas, Prius, church vans are particularly targeted for vehicle theft
  • Amy Robins gave her 5th District report on behalf of Stephanie Lynch
    • Byrd Park is supposed to be paved in early April
    • Neighbors were notified about elderly and disabled tax relief and warned against scam notices
    • Budget season is coming – details on what items are in the CIP are coming
    • Bike lanes are coming to Allen, Harrison/Colorado (protected)
    • April 27 at 6pm is the 5th District Town Hall
    • Reminder to use the RVA 311 app to report issues to the City
    • Street cleaning is TBD
    • Sidewalk project is still on hold
  • Betsy Carr gave her report on the outcome from the most recent General Assembly session
    • She discussed an excessive noise bill that passed. 
    • No budget was approved so the members will have to come back together for a special session. 
  • Parke Richeson of Maymont reported to the neighborhood
    • 850,000 visitors
    • The Mansion is reopened with an expanded historical story – reintrepretation
    • Stone Barn renovations are underway
    • Baby animals are coming! 2 fainting goats and 3 lambs and ewes. 
    • Herbs Galore – April 30
    • Dominion Easter – April 16
    • Summer Kick Off – May 6
    • Mutts at Maymont – May 21 and June 18
    • Beer and Wine Classic – June 11
  • April 30 is also Arts in the Park
  • The meeting concluded and neighbors mingled afterwards – excited to be able to meet in person. 


Link to the recording of the meeting can be found here:

PASSCODE: i$uC$@r8

  • Joy Rogers opened the meeting around 7:02PM
  • Lt. Naoroz gave a crime update for the sector. Crime is down compared to last year (which was a historically low year). There has been a decrease in package theft but unfortunately an increase in violent crimes. There have also been two robberies in the nearby area.
  • Amy Robins and Stephanie Lynch gave updates on the 5th District: the sidewalks are coming and the project will begin in late spring/early summer; a bike survey is also coming (bike lane barriers have been a huge advantage to car speeds in Southside, so keep that in mind as you complete the survey), May 24 City Council officially votes on the budget, Stephanie’s district meeting will be held on Thursday, May 20 at 6pm and details for the Zoom link can be found on her Facebook page.
  • Betsy Carr gave an update on the General Assembly meetings and she will be walking through our neighborhood going door to door in the next few weeks.
  • State Senator Ghazala Hashmi provided an additional General Assembly update. The Senate is planning to meeting in late July/early August to discuss allocation of federal money. Schools are being pushed as a top priority. She can be contacted via social media.
  • Colette McEachin, the current Commonwealth’s Attorney for Richmond has been in office for 18 months and discussed her campaign plan to Restore, Rehabilitate and Reform Richmond.
  • Tom Barbour, the challenger for Commonwealth’s Attorney for Richmond spoke about his campaign. He can be contacted by visiting
  • William Burnett, candidate for Richmond Sheriff has been with the Richmond Police for over 28 years and discussed his plans, if elected to office. He can be reached through his Facebook page.
  • A Dominion representative was unable to make the meeting to discuss plans to move power lines underground. Information will be emailed to those on the mailing list in the next couple weeks.
  • Our next meeting will be held (hopefully in person) on September 16, 2021. More details to come.

March 29, 2021 Meeting (Zoom)

The full meeting recording can be accessed here: 

Highlights of the meeting are summarized below:

Joy Rogers, President, introduced the Board members and opened the meeting (via Zoom) at 7pm.

Parke Richeson, Executive Director of Maymont gave an update on the park hours which have now been extended until 7pm through October. She also discussed updates on programming and events to look forward to this spring and summer. 

Stephanie Lynch provided an update on vaccinations. The City is currently in Phase 1b which includes 65+, essential workers, and the service industry. She discussed the way for neighbors to preregister. 3 senior housing complexes in our district have now been fully vaccinated. She announced that Phase 2 of the sidewalk project in our neighborhood has been included in the FY 2022 budget $430,000). She reminded neighbors of the additional speed traps on Harrison/Colorado and mentioned that photo speed ticketing was coming. March 18 is her District Town Hall at 6pm and would provide a place to ask questions. 

Justin Patterson gave the Treasurer’s Report. The civic league spent $197.30 so with a balance from last meeting of $4,005.08, we currently have a balance of $3,807.75. Neighbors are encouraged to pay membership dues to Justin at 1805 Greenville.

Officer Naoroz gave a crime update on precinct. Overall, year to date there is a 9% reduction in criminal activity (122 last year to 103 this year). COVID has skewed some crime statistics but overall the district is doing well. He reminded neighbors to lock their car doors.

Jackie and Cassi were special guests representing the Pump House Park project. They provided a history of the group, which started in 2017 and their goal of working to keep it standing. They were enthusiastic to add new members and explained ways to get involved by volunteering. 

Mike Jones was also a guest speaker and gave a brief background about himself and his reason for wanting to run for the House of Delegates seat. 

Betsy Carr gave an overview of the General Assembly session and some highlights on the bills she personally championed this past session.

Joy concluded the meeting and announced our next meeting date will take place in May (details of location to come).


  • The January 25 Board meeting was held via Zoom. A recording of the meeting is in the link above and a summary of topics covered.
  • The Board members were introduced
  • The new conservation easement on Kansas Avenue between Greenville and Carter now has official signage
  • Maymont Glow took place in December and provided a nice socially-distanced event for many
  • David Naoroz provided the neighborhood crime report for the precinct
  • There was a significant reduction in crime for 2020 and we beat last year’s numbers.
  • He reminded neighbors to lock their car doors as car theft is common
  • Betsy Carr presented a brief report on the House of Delegates session. The session is virtual and that is going well. Her number is 804-986-6852 and her email is if anyone would like to contact her.
  • Amy Robins provided an update on recent and upcoming events in the 5th district. A summary of topics covered is listed below:
  • Utility relief has been extended – additional information is on Facebook
  • Dominion loan forgiveness
  • The Mayor releases his budget on March 5
  • For COVID testing information, please call 804-205-3501
  • There will be a Zoom call with Stephanie on February 25
  • Stephanie Lynch’s contact information is: 804-646-5724 /
  • Amy’s contact information is:
  • The Civic League Treasurer’s report was provided by Treasurer, Justin Patterson. The balance at the end of December was $4,005.80.
  • Dues can be paid to Justin at 1805 Greenville
  • Voting for the 2020 Board member positions took place and the results are as follows:
  • Joy Whitney was voted in as the new Civic League President for 2020
  • Emily Messer was voted in as the new Civic League Vice President for 2020
  • Mark Brandon and Ida Mitchell were voted in as Co-Community Liasons for 2020
  • Leah Hopper, Secretary and Justin Patterson, Treasurer remain in their positions for 2020.


The meeting can be viewed by clicking on the link above. Highlights include:

  • Treasurer’s Report: $3,885.08
  • Due collection was suspended in 2020 and will resume in 2021.
  • Geese report: 186 domestic geese were relocated in October, 20 remain.
  • Lt. David Naoroz provided the precinct crime report. To date, this year there have been 540 crimes. To give it some context, last year was an all-time low of 622 for the full year. He reminded us to be cognizant of package deliveries and to remember to lock car and house doors.
  • Delegate Betsy Carr reported that there is an upcoming special General Assembly session and they will be meeting virtually.
  • New School Board representative Stephanie Rizzi introduced herself. She can be contacted at until she enters her new office in January.
  • Joy Rogers reported that there are 398 houses and 1 church in our official neighborhood.
  • Benjamin Lamont provided a report on the sidewalks. Phase 1 construction will begin in mid-late summer. Phase 1 will include sidewalks on Kansas from Texas to Hampton and on Meadow from New York to Dakota. The dead trees on Kansas will be removed as part of this process.
  • The neighborhood is encouraged to decorate your block with Christmas bows. You can be reimbursed if you bring a receipt for the purchased bows to the Treasurer.
  • There will be a playground report and update on December 9 at 6PM.
  • Stephanie Lynch provided a District update. 130 senior bags were distributed since our last meeting, an infrastructure walk was conducted and she encouraged everyone to use the 311 app to report potholes, sidewalk issues, etc. She made everyone aware of the new additional speeding fine on Colorado/Harrison. The budget session starts in March. December 3 will be Stephanie’s holiday fellowship which will be held virtually this year.

September 21, 2020 Virtual Meeting

The Civic League September meeting was a virtual Zoom meeting which you can view above. Highlights include:

  • 311 app update
  • Elias Franz’s tree project at the Amelia Street School
  • Guest Andrew Grigsby discussing his non-profit Veridiant which helps homeowners find energy savings ( or go to for more information)
  • Lt. David Naoroz introduced himself as he is new to our sector and precinct but not the City
  • Treasurer’s report
  • Stephanie Lynch gave her councilperson report which included topics such as 311, GRTC route changes, elderly tax relief program, polling location and absentee voting updates
  • Betsy Carr gave House of Delegate report on the budget which should be public and circulated to the public soon