Meeting Minutes: May 16, 2016

Meeting Commenced at 7:09pm
12 members in attendance

  1. Minutes read by Secretary; financial report read by Treasurer
  2. Executive Council members met with Lt. Woo and Parks Superintendent Burrell several weeks ago and both agreed to visit our meeting …
  3. Lt. Bill Woo shared about local crimes (shed larceny in Maymont Park neighborhood; home robberies in the Fan neighborhood). Suspects are ID’d but have not yet been apprehended. There were only four incidences of crime in our neighborhood over the last month. There are two planned Texas Beach operations by the police departments 3rd Precinct. The police will be on the North Bank Trail looking to better enforce leash laws, check the parking lot for loiterers, watch for open fires, and enforce open container laws.
  4.  Superintendent of James River Park System Nathan Burrell (804-357-8897)presented on recent, local park issues:
    Fun facts: 600 acres of wilderness area, 1.3 million visitors last year, most frequented park in our region, only 7 staff members, 20 different parcels make up the park (North Bank Trail is one), recycling bins/water fountains/bridges, etc. are almost always donated by volunteer community members.
    Major problems now: trash, grass, graffiti, are top 3 issues current. This is the only parks department responsible for its own grass control in the city. A concerned community member shared specific problems she is facing: homeless people showing up at her front door, signage should be more prominent, parking lot entrance gates should be locked at dusk, lighting should be better, cars are staying past nighttime and sometimes staying for days, and needles left on the sidewalk.
  5. Riverview Community Park: presented by Leah Page-Jean (featured on local news today!) … language around the park’s construction needs to feature terminology like: “Maymont Civic League supported, all-ages, all-access park featuring a playground, skate park, beautiful green space with a walking trail”.
  6. August 13-14th: Richmond Jazz Festival coming back to Maymont Park this summer for the 7th year! Our continued support is appreciated.
  7. Mr. Henry Smith passed away recently. He was a former MCL President and Chaplain (1604 Georgia Ave.; granddaughter Tina Hunt lives there still). A representative was chosen to deliver a card to her with a $25 gift card from the MCL.
  8. New and/or improved sidewalks are still coming. Consensus says that they have been a value-added improvement for the whole neighborhood.

Meeting adjourned at 8:22