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Meeting Minutes: January 18, 2015

Maymont Civic League Meeting Minutes
Monday, January 18, 2015

21 neighbors were in attendance.
Meeting began at 7:00pm

  1. Bruin Richardson introduced himself as Maymont Park’s Interim Executive Director per Norman Burns’ resignation.
  2. Libby Germer, Secretary, read the minutes from the November meeting, Daria Christian, Financial Secretary, updated us on fall memberships, and Leah Page-Jean, Treasurer, read the Financial Report.
  3. President Gloria Bouldin let all know that Gayle Turner, former Remembrance Committee Chairperson, died last Sunday night. A motion was passed to send $25 in remembrance of Gayle to her church.
  4. Vice President Mark Brandon gave us an update on the January 4, 2016 meeting of the City Planning Commission at City Hall that addressed the proposed Maymont Park Horticulture Garage. Many neighbors spoke up and asked questions.
  5. Leah Page-Jean asked for a motion to pay the annual $50 fee for our website: maymontcivicleague.org. The motion passed.
  6. Leah and a Randolph neighbor named Erin White proposed an Allen Avenue Bike Boulevard. The speed limit would be restricted to 20 mph. They updated us about the City of Richmond’s master plan to create more bike/walk streets throughout the city. A letter of support from the Maymont Civic League is needed to indicate neighborhood support of the proposed Allen Avenue Neighborhood Byway. A motion was passed to have a letter drafted.
  7. Andrea Almond spoke about a recent Storefront for Community Design project that will impact and improve the entrance to Texas Beach and the North Bank Trail. A survey will be sent via email this week that neighbors can fill out to comment on specific changes.
  8. Gloria Bouldin introduced a Neighborhood Watch program, replete with fliers from Lt. Marshall. We want to research which other neighborhoods are doing Neighborhood Watches, to see if they have positive effects in communities. Fliers were disseminated and an informal interest survey was taken. Many seemed to be more interested in a localized version of a similar program, but without the liaison with RPD.

Other Business:

  • Mr. Perry Edwards spoke about the problem of the bulk pick-up from the alley. Joy Whitney volunteered to help him using See-Click-Fix.
  • Mark Brandon has a map of the City’s proposed Stop Sign “basket weave” replacement/readjustment in Maymont. He invited folks to look at the map and make comments.
  • Ida Cheatham told Tracy Wilson to let us all know that she is not in favor of Maymont placing their horticulture building on Hampton St.
  • Libby Germer spotted a coyote on Kansas St