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Meeting Minutes: January 18, 2015

Maymont Civic League Meeting Minutes
Monday, January 18, 2015

21 neighbors were in attendance.
Meeting began at 7:00pm

  1. Bruin Richardson introduced himself as Maymont Park’s Interim Executive Director per Norman Burns’ resignation.
  2. Libby Germer, Secretary, read the minutes from the November meeting, Daria Christian, Financial Secretary, updated us on fall memberships, and Leah Page-Jean, Treasurer, read the Financial Report.
  3. President Gloria Bouldin let all know that Gayle Turner, former Remembrance Committee Chairperson, died last Sunday night. A motion was passed to send $25 in remembrance of Gayle to her church.
  4. Vice President Mark Brandon gave us an update on the January 4, 2016 meeting of the City Planning Commission at City Hall that addressed the proposed Maymont Park Horticulture Garage. Many neighbors spoke up and asked questions.
  5. Leah Page-Jean asked for a motion to pay the annual $50 fee for our website: The motion passed.
  6. Leah and a Randolph neighbor named Erin White proposed an Allen Avenue Bike Boulevard. The speed limit would be restricted to 20 mph. They updated us about the City of Richmond’s master plan to create more bike/walk streets throughout the city. A letter of support from the Maymont Civic League is needed to indicate neighborhood support of the proposed Allen Avenue Neighborhood Byway. A motion was passed to have a letter drafted.
  7. Andrea Almond spoke about a recent Storefront for Community Design project that will impact and improve the entrance to Texas Beach and the North Bank Trail. A survey will be sent via email this week that neighbors can fill out to comment on specific changes.
  8. Gloria Bouldin introduced a Neighborhood Watch program, replete with fliers from Lt. Marshall. We want to research which other neighborhoods are doing Neighborhood Watches, to see if they have positive effects in communities. Fliers were disseminated and an informal interest survey was taken. Many seemed to be more interested in a localized version of a similar program, but without the liaison with RPD.

Other Business:

  • Mr. Perry Edwards spoke about the problem of the bulk pick-up from the alley. Joy Whitney volunteered to help him using See-Click-Fix.
  • Mark Brandon has a map of the City’s proposed Stop Sign “basket weave” replacement/readjustment in Maymont. He invited folks to look at the map and make comments.
  • Ida Cheatham told Tracy Wilson to let us all know that she is not in favor of Maymont placing their horticulture building on Hampton St.
  • Libby Germer spotted a coyote on Kansas St

Meeting Minutes: November 16, 2015

Maymont Civic League (MCL) Meeting Minutes
Monday, November 16, 2016

Meeting Began at 7:08pm

33 neighbors in attendance

1. Officer Kinney from the 3rd Precinct re-capped the crime report from this year and last … overall, crime is down in the neighborhood by 48%. A Community Watch Program is on the way. Business cards for Lt. Marshall have come around.

2. Andrea Levine wants to know what do we do next to make the Community Watch Program happen. Officer Kinney replied that he will “start the ball rolling” himself tomorrow, and that we don’t need to do anything.

3. A neighbor who lives across the entrance of Texas Beach on the North Bank Trail is worried about late-night visitors to the park and fast traffic on their street. On one occasion, a neighbor was beat up by park visitors for trying to close the gate to the parking lot. Officer Kinney verified that in one bust this summer several tickets were given to unruly park visitors for having open containers of alcohol and for public drunkenness.

4. Secretary Libby Germer forgot to bring the minutes from the September meeting, Treasurer Leah Page is “locked out” of Premier Bank but will have our balance soon, and Financial Secretary Daria Christian reports that $95 was received at this meeting for membership dues. (Please see update below for previous meeting minutes and treasurer’s report!)

5. Remembrance Committee, headed by Gayle Turner, is currently not in session, because she is seriously ill and in the hospital. She requested prayer from members of the Civic League.

6. Thanksgiving basket giving has, for several years, been directed toward the Food Bank. A motion by Andrea Levine was passed to contribute $100 which will feed 500 people for Thanksgiving. Financial Secretary Leah Page will donate the money from the Civic League account.

7. Andrea Almond, working with Storefront for Community Design, proposed a neighborhood canvas on Saturday, November 21st from 10-Noon (20 volunteers are needed to meet at Sundial Park at 9:45) to gain survey responses to better inform future initiatives to improve our neighborhood. Colorado Manor Apartments will be included in the survey.

8. City Planning Commission Meeting: Maymont Horticultural project. President Gloria Bouldin opened up the meeting to Q&A time. Financial Secretary Daria Christian encouraged neighbors to attend the City Council meeting and to utilize the open forum opportunity of sharing your opinions about the proposed buildings at Maymont Park.

9. Block Party report given by Leah Page.

10. Councilman Parker Agelasto report:

  • City Council voted to apply for funds from the federal gov’t for our neighborhood’s new sidewalks (might we need to extend the reach of new sidewalks into the current streets, to save the large trees?)
  • The plan is going forward to spend $8,000 to calm traffic in Maymont by alternating and adding two Stop signs
  • Riverview Community Park update: if the current skate park can be released as the conservation easement or a “portion of a parcel” that includes the parking lot at Texas Beach, we can continue to make plans. Until then, we are still on hold.
  • Lastly, an RRHA representative visited the Randolph Civic League Meeting tonight to discuss the “scattered sites” that are currently occupied by RRHA residents because many of those homes need renovation and possible new ownership. HUD must approve the transfer of the properties to non-profit partners. A Fair Housing Act investigation is underway in Randolph.
  • The words “pervious” and “impervious” were used many times in regards to additional parking lots for our neighborhood parks.
  • Alley Clean-Up that was cancelled due to rain on November 3rd has not been re-scheduled and won’t happen during the winter.
  • Bulk Pick-up seems to be backed up. They seem to be understaffed? Parker feels that a huge part of this has been that resources are being overwhelmed by college students during move in/move out season. He is working with Councilwoman Ellen Robertson to change the “dump and demand” cycle of Bulk Pickup in our city, including more coordination and cooperation with the City. Illegal dumping fines need to be more of a threat.
  • “See, Click, Fix” is currently undergoing a revamp. It will be more integrated and will automatically send requests to the appropriate agency. Crews should respond more quickly to requests.
  • Evelyn Murphy spoke of the difference between VA Beach and Richmond in terms of a Rental Inspection Program. Parker explained why they are so much tighter and well-regulated in VA Beach.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:30pm.


  • Meeting Minutes for September meeting can be found on the Maymont Civic League website here.
  • Leah Page, Treasurer, submitted finance report by email. $5,243.20 opening balance. Deposits of $75 Civic League dues, $200 City Council Block Pary contribution, $220 Block Party Civic League dues and raffle tickets. Withdrawals of $70 for Block Party cash box (re-deposited in $220 Block Party deposit). Ending balance of $5,668.20.

Meeting Minutes: September 21, 2015

Maymont Civic League (MCL) Meeting Minutes
Monday, September 21st, 2015

  1. Pres. Gloria Bouldin welcomed the 26 people in attendance (guests included) at 7:00pm
  2. Treasurer Leah Page-Jean read her report: $5, 243.20 is current balance of account. She also mentioned the receipt of the Keep VA Beautiful grant money ($750), which must be spent by Oct. 31st, though Financial Secretary Daria Blom will file for an extension because the fate of Riverview Community Park is currently unknown (City has halted plans for our Skate Park/Community Garden/Walking Trail/Tot Lot).
  3. Daria Blom collected annual dues for MCL membership ($5/individuals or $10/family). (If you haven’t paid your dues yet and want to contribute to the Civic League, bring your cash or check to the block party or to the next Civic League meeting in November.)
  4. VP Mark Brandon introduced guest Dan Gecker, candidate for 10th District Senate seat. He spoke from 7:10-7:20.
  5. Pres. Gloria Bouldin introduced the topic of Maymont Foundation’s proposed horticultural facility off of Hampton Street. A lengthy discussion ensued and Representative Parker Agelasto weighed in with historical information. The discussion resulted in the decision to draft a conciliatory letter to the Maymont Foundation on behalf of the MCL that asserts our neighborhood’s strong desire that they change the location of the proposed building. Andrea Almond passed the motion and Joy Whitney seconded the motion to write the letter.
  6. A report from the 3rd Precinct (Lt. “Cap”) was read aloud by Gloria Bouldin. The murderer in last month’s Greenville Ave. shooting has been apprehended and arrested. The report maintained that is no continuing danger and it was “an isolated situation.”
  7. Neighbor Andrea Almond presented on behalf of the non-profit Storefront for Community Design. They have proposed a series of workshops for the residents of Maymont which would result in a plan for our neighborhood (ie: traffic calming, parking, and sidewalk issues). The cost of the workshops and plan would be $1700, though Parker Agelasto’s office would contribute to the overall cost. A motion was passed and seconded (Leslie Rubio, Joy Whitney) to continue the conversation with Storefront for Community Design but the MCL will not commit contractually yet.
  8. Parker Agelasto presented four items:
    1.  He has been working with Richmond’s new traffic engineer, Mike Sawyer, on a plan to create an alternating grid of stop signs in the neighborhood to slow traffic, particularly on the streets running North/South which may be implemented within the year.
    2. A $900,000 plan for sidewalk construction in our neighborhood awaits a City Council vote but it is expected to pass. Application for federal funding from HUD may slow the process, but the sidewalks would be constructed in three phases, beginning with Pennsylvania Ave. from Hampton St. to S. Meadow St. (northside).
    3. The proposed Riverview Community Park has been identified as part of a conservation easement maintained (or not?!) by the James River Park System. This will halt efforts to make it a City park, though native plantings and other beautification efforts may still be allowed.
    4. The RRHA has launched a program to sell 120 single family homes to current residents but only 6 have so far been able to close the deal. So, current residents will be transferred to conventional housing projects and/or receive vouchers for housing by the end of the year and the vacated homes (inexpensive but in need of substantial repairs) will be sold to local non-profit agencies for renovation and resale. Parker encouraged the MCL to invite RRHA representatives to future meetings so we could discuss these plans and how they would affect our neighborhood.
  9. Leah Page-Jean requested $380 from the MCL to go towards the Block Party (2-5pm, October 17th, Sundial Park on Hampton St.). The request was granted by attendees.
  10. Neighbor Chris Mercer recommended that neighbors escort VA Home residents to our Block Party, utilize the Byrd House Market on Tuesday afternoons, spoke about the Greenville Ave. shooting, and requested possible funds for future Ice Cream Socials.
  11. John Nicholson, caretaker of Maymont Park, urged neighbors to call Lt. Cap at the 3rd Precinct persistently if we want better patrols and safety measures.
  12. Neighbors are invited and encouraged to participate in the Alley Clean-Up on Saturday, Oct. 3rd from 9-Noon. Sign up to volunteer via Hands on Greater Richmond here.

Meeting adjourned: 8:55pm
Next meeting: Monday, November 16th.

Meeting Minutes: May 18, 2015

Maymont Civic League Meeting Minutes
Monday, May 18th, 2015

Meeting began at 7:00pm

          1. Pres. Gloria Bouldin led a welcome and introduction of MCL leadership
          2. Minutes of meeting on March 16th were read by Sec. Libby Germer
          3. Financial Secretary Daria Blom and VP Mark Brandon were unable to attend, but a memo from Mark re: the Maymont Foundation’s building plans was disseminated
          4. Treasurer’s report: Leah Page-Jean read her report, with an ending balance of $4,4383.20 in the Civic League account.
          5. John Nicholson of Maymont Park read a memo from Norman Burns about their halted plans re: the horticulture building (until further neighborhood mtgs occur)
          6. Presentation from Storefront for Community Design’s Director Ryan Rinn. They help neighborhoods make innovative improvement plans. He pitched a possible $500 round table meeting with the MCL members who are interested in traffic calming, bike safety, and side walk installation plans (another $500 for drafting any documents).
          7. Skate park and community garden update: We were awarded a $750 grant from Keeping VA Beautiful, to go towards the new community garden’s raised beds/plantings.
          8. Other Business
            1. Gayle Turner concerned with parking on her street due to Texas Beach traffic
            2. Mike of 1805 Greenville Ave. needs petitions signed by neighbors within 150’ of his tall fence, because of City ordinance (fences should be lower than 6.5’).
            3. Local citizen (Georgia Ave. resident) was recently apprehended by Police for stealing license plates and breaking into several vehicles. Wanted poster with his description was passed around, because he was released from jail on bond.
          9. Continuing Business
            1. A motion was passed in March to set aside $300 for recognition of long-time Civic League leaders. Kent Eanes (who was not in attendance) may still put together an event to recognize the community leaders.

Next meeting: Monday, September 21st.

Meeting Minutes: March 16, 2015

Maymont Civic League Meeting Minutes
Monday, March 16th, 2015

Meeting began at 7:00pm

  1. Pres. Gloria Bouldin introduced Norman Burns, Exec. Director of Maymont Park. Mr. Burns and his architect showed elevation drawings of the construction of a shed and horticultural building at the intersection of Maymont and Byrd Park by the Nature Center, to begin anywhere from 12-36 months from now. Plans were also unveiled to increase “event” parking off of Hampton St. and to begin construction on. Lively discussion ensued and they sat down at 7:55.
  2. Minutes of meeting on January 19th were admittedly missing, as Sec. Libby Germer had left that at home in her storage closet.
  3. Financial secretary’s report: Thelma Robinson has resigned and Gloria Bouldin requested that someone volunteer to fill-in for the remainder of her two-year term. Daria Christian (1600 block of S. Meadow St.) accepted the responsibility.
  4. Treasurer’s report: Leah Page-Jean read her report, with an ending balance of $4,433.20 in the Civic League account.
  5.  Remembrance Committee: Gayle Turner read her report, including the recent death of long-standing Civic League member and leader, Eva Brinkley.
  6. Upcoming Garden Club event: Ida Cheatham will host a City representative to speak about spring vegetable planting at her home on Wednesday, March 18th at 1pm.
  7. Skate park and community garden update: Ida Jones of Councilman Parker Agelasto’s office was in attendance and affirmed that our community garden plans, along with other similar Parks & Rec. ordinances, will be going to the vote at the next City Council meeting and will likely “pass easily.” Leah Page-Jean and Nate Culver passed around a sign-up sheet for interested neighbors to reserve a garden plot in advance. Leah also mentioned that she had sent a proposed budget to Councilman Agelasto’s office but would do so again, via Ida Jones, to ensure it made the Councilman’s annual budget.
  8. Three possible names for the new playground/skate park/walking trail/community garden were voted on (Riverview Community Park, Riverview Park, and Treasure Island Park) and Riverview Community Park won by a vote of 15-2-6.
  9.  Continuing business
    1. A motion passed to set aside $300 for recognition of long-time Civic League leaders. Kent Eanes (who was not in attendance but was spoken for by Andrea Levine) will purchase plaques for distinguished leaders and can distribute them at the May meeting.
    2. A reminder was made that MCL membership costs only $5 per person/per year and only $10 per household.
    3. Joy Rogers mentioned that (now a functional website, created by Leah Page-Jean) was up and running, as well as a Maymont Civic League Facebook page, both of which will issue meeting and event reminders for interested members.

Next meeting: Monday, May 18th.

31 people attended the meeting.