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Meeting Minutes January 20th, 2017

Meeting Started at 7:00pm

10 Neighbors in attendance


  • Patrick Sapini stopped by to thank the Constituents

He shared that he is looking forward to collaborating with all of the neighborhood associations

  • Amy Robbins stopped by as well from Parker Agelasto’s office

She addressed issues with the drainage in our neighborhood

  • We introduced the new President of the Maymont Civic Association, Mark Brandon who reminded us to call 311 to make reports about the neighborhood
  • Maymont Children’s Farm opens in March and Maymont will also expand its parking by 50%
  • Construction of sidewalks will continue in the neighborhood with priority on the Dakota and Nevada cross streets
  • Sidewalk construction has been halted on Pennsylvania Ave due to trees
  • New Business:

Playground title Riverview Park is slated for opening in the fall

Civic League voted in favor of a Block Party to celebrate the opening of the Park and Playground in the fall

Civic League to consider the proposal to re-form a Welcome and Remembrance Committee

  • Amy Robbins provided information regarding a neighborhood yard sale in April for which ad space can be purchased in the Richmond Times Dispatch
  • Discussed Alley Cleanup for 2017 and a list of participants is requested to volunteer, date is TBD
  • Parke Richeson shared that Maymont’s educational offerings have grown by 32%

2/28 will be the Winter Tree Walk in Maymont

3/25 will be the Children’s Farm Open House in Maymont

  • Amy Robbins that the property tax relief available to the Elderly & Disabled is available and paperwork must be completed by 3/31