January 22, 2024 Meeting Minutes

Maymont Civic League Meeting 

Maymont Westover Building


Information sent out ahead of the meeting via email:

Meeting time and location: 7pm at 1000 Westover…. the Maymont office building by the Children’s farm. You can drive in the gates and park in the children’s farm parking lot. 

Please join us for the first meeting of 2024!

Our agenda will include updates from the City on infrastructure: what’s going on with the Texas Beach bridge, as well from the 3rd police precinct. We have some neighborhood things to discuss: we are switching to a Gmail email system, which should be more user friendly, as well as a new website platform. As always there will be cookies, and more to discuss about Garden Glow, and upcoming events. 

See you there!!! Our next meeting will be March 18 at 7pm 

Meeting Attendees:

Joy Rogers (President), Leah Hopper (Vice President), Gayle Goldberg (Treasurer), Kirk Millikan (Secretary), Mark Brandon, James Browne, Carla Childs (City of Richmond Department of Public Works), Elise Corliss, Joe Goldberg, Robert Halsey, Toni Halsey, Arenzo Jefferson Jr., Elisabeth Linka (Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office), Allen McCown (City of Richmond Department of Parks, Recreation, and Community Facilities), Hugo Mendoza, Burton Morris, Emily Morris, Elizabeth Reed, Susan Rischewski, Amy Robins (5th District Councilmember Liaison), Clara Russell, Maudene Sherman, Ethan Smith, Hannah Stewart

Meeting Notes:

  • Treasurer’s Report from Gayle: no dues collected in December; $256 spent in December with $150 in donations to FeedMore and the rest spent on the New Year’s Day gathering.
  • We will be updating the email distribution from MailChimp to Gmail, and the new email address will be MaymontcivicleagueRVA@gmail.com.
  • The Maymont Civic League website will be moved to WordPress to reduce annual costs.
  • Update from Elizabeth Linka, Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney for Richmond:
    • USPS town hall will be planned in February or March to address mail delivery and package thefts; USPS has declined to participate.
  • Updates from Carla Childs, City of Richmond Department of Public Works:
    • The City is working towards its goal of installing 200 speed humps across the city (156 currently installed)
    • The City is working with the Richmond Police Department to install photo enforcement in school zones.
    • There are currently 2,900 open requests for concrete sidewalk repair and 600+ requests for brick sidewalk repair. 
    • Regarding Maymont neighborhood sidewalks: 
    • Phase 1 was completed in September 2023.
    • Currently moving into Phase 2, which will install sidewalks on the south side of Colorado Avenue (from Hampton to Georgia and from Greenville to Carter); also will include installing curb ramps on Pennsylvania Avenue but no sidewalk work is planned on Pennsylvania Avenue. 4 trees will be removed on Colorado Avenue, all of which are growing into power lines and need to be removed anyway.
      • Phase 2 sidewalk plans are at 90% completion.
    • Neighbor asked how to submit requests for sidewalk repair. Ms. Childs said they should be submitted through 311. The response time could be up to 6 months.
    • Neighbor asked about planting new trees as part of sidewalk Phase 2. Ms. Childs said she would look into that.
    • Neighbor asked about the City cleaning new curb ramp areas that collect debris and ice. Ms. Childs recommended submitting a 311 ticket for that work.
  • Updates from Allen McCown, City of Richmond Department of Parks, Recreation, and Community Facilities:
    • The repair work for the Texas Beach pedestrian bridge is at 90% design.
    • A new temporary access road down to the bridge will be needed in order to complete repairs.
    • The goal is to bid and start the project by summer 2024.
    • Significant coordination with CSX that will take time.
    • The goal is for North Bank Trail to remain open as much as possible during construction. The construction duration is to be determined.
    • There are currently two James River Park System park rangers for education and monitoring of parks without a police presence. Aimee Bushman, Park Ranger Supervisor, can come speak to us in the future if desired.
  • Updates from Amy Robins, 5th District Councilmember Liaison
    • City administration has agreed to let seniors into elderly tax relief program with payment plans.
    • Stephanie is going to introduce a plan to retroactively let seniors access the tax relief program.
    • Currently there is a 14 day time period to respond to owed taxes, and this will most likely be moved to a 30 day period because it can be hard for residents to plan for unexpected property tax bills).
    • The Riverview Park playground is on the radar of City of Richmond administration for Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) funding.
    • Homelessness in the city is on the rise with an increasing eviction docket.
    • Funding has been added for the resource center at the new homeless shelter on Chamberlayne Avenue.
    • There will be repaving of asphalt alleys throughout the city (not converting gravel alleys to asphalt but repairing and repaving asphalt alleys).
    • Traffic calming is the biggest issue that folks reach out to Amy and Stephanie’s office for.
    • Fox Elementary School is planning to reopen in the Fan in 2025. The Colorado Avenue speed humps will not be removed when Fox Elementary School is relocated.
    • Neighbor said that there is a water leak in the alley between the 1500 block of Meadow Street and the 1500 block of Hampton Street. It has been leaking for at least two months, and the alley has turned into a sheet of ice with the recent cold temperatures. 
    • Neighbor asked if seniors have to apply every year for the tax relief program. Amy said that seniors have to recertify every year to confirm the number of people in their household, any changes to income, etc. Stephanie is trying to move recertification from every year to every two years.
  • Joy asked if any neighbors would be interested in being on an event committee to coordinate neighborhood concerns with Maymont prior to Maymont’s events. Anyone interested should email maymontcivicleaguerva@gmail.com.Neighbor reported seeing someone driving around with a recorded dog barking on exterior speaker, flushing a herd of deer on Kansas

Meeting adjourned at 7:55pm