Maymont Civic League Meeting

Maymont Garden Hall


Information sent out ahead of the meeting via email:

We will meet at the Maymont Garden Hall, which is down the walkway from the Hampton gates of Maymont.

Please join our Facebook group “Maymont Civic League” or email to be added to the email list and stay up to date!

Tonight we will get neighborhood updates, take $10 membership dues (we have the official membership cards to hand out), introduce the official new board members, and hear neighborhood business. 

We hope you will join us!

Minutes taken at the meeting:

Attendees: Mark Brandon, Ann Condon, Elise Corliss, Gayle Goldberg, Joe Goldberg, Jan Hatchard, Cindy Higgins, Leah Hopper, Lily Jones, Hugo Mendoza, Kirk Millikan, Elizabeth Reed, Amy Robins, Joy Rogers, Ethan Smith, Lee Williams

  • Joy introduced the new board members.
    • President: Joy Rogers
    • Vice President: Leah Hopper
    • Treasurer: Gayle Goldberg
    • Secretary: Kirk Millikan
    • Membership Coordinator: Jan Hatchard
  • Joy provided a few general updates:
    • Moving forward, the plan is to not drop off fliers for meeting notifications and instead use signs at neighborhood entrances as well as notifications via email and social media.
    • In April, we will be restarting weekly Wednesday neighborhood walks at 7pm meeting at the intersection of Greenville Avenue and Pennsylvania Avenue.
  • Amy Robins (liaison for Stephanie Lynch, city councilmember for the 5th district) provided updates:
    • Overall, crime statistics are down in our sector of the city.
    • Texas Beach bridge update:
      • Dollars have been allocated to the repair of the bridge.
      • Repair is likely now rather than replacement that was previously discussed.
      • The city is currently working on getting an estimate for the repair.
    • Improvements will also be coming to the Potterfield Bridge from Brown’s Island to Manchester to reduce any bouncing.
    • The city is in budget season now. The proposed playground next to the community garden was not funded.
    • Stephanie, Amy, and their team are putting together senior bags, which will be delivered to seniors in our neighborhood in late April.
    • Ida Cheatham will have an honorary block named after her on South Meadow Street. She recently celebrated her 103rd birthday and will be honored in May. She was a founding member of the Maymont Civic League and still lives in the neighborhood.
    • Regarding spray painting, the city will likely be installing walls in a public space to encourage spray painting in designated areas.
    • Monday March 27th at 6pm is public comment for the budget for FY24, which starts July 1st.
    • Speed humps are proposed in the neighborhood when paving comes through the neighborhood this year. Proposed locations in and near the neighborhood are:
      • On S Meadow Street between Amelia Street and Colorado Avenue
      • On Hampton Street between Pennsylvania Avenue and New York Avenue
      • On Hampton Street between Dakota Avenue and Nevada Avenue
      • On Colorado Avenue between Sumpter Street and S Lombardy Street
      • On Colorado Avenue between Randolph Street and Meade Street
    • Amy discussed the possibility of changing neighborhood speed limits from 25 mph to 20 mph. A bill from Betsy Carr (the state delegate who represents the neighborhood) to make the statutory speed limit 20 mph did not pass the House of Delegates this year.
    • Neighborhood sidewalks – For Phase 1 of the Maymont sidewalk project, the contractor should be working on installation this spring.
    • Photo speed ticketing will be taking place out front of Fox Elementary (in the old Clark Springs Elementary building) in the near future.
    • Amy reviewed 3 policy changes going through city hall right now: eliminating minimum parking requirements; allowing ADUs (accessory dwelling units) by right; and updates to Airbnb regulations in the city.
    • Amy mentioned that bike lanes will be installed on Colorado Avenue and S Allen Avenue when those streets are repaved this year.
  • Joy reviewed upcoming events at Maymont:
    • April 8th – Family Easter (free but needs tickets)
    • April 29th – Herbs Galore ($7/person, free for members)
  • Joy opened up the meeting for general comments
    • A car was stolen at night from the Maymont parking lot recently.
    • A neighbor brought up concerns regarding 1404 George Avenue. Amy mentioned that by code, a house can have a maximum of 3 unrelated adult tenants. The house is currently vacant.
    • Jan reiterated that a neighborhood directory would be very helpful to stay in touch. Information will not be shared outside of the neighborhood.
    • A neighbor asked if Maymont had any plans for Sundial Park after the recent tree removal. The Maymont executive director was not in attendance to provide an update.

Meeting adjourned at 7:50pm