Meeting Minutes: March 21, 2016

Maymont Civic League (MCL) Meeting Minutes
Monday, March 21, 2016

7:08 Meeting Commenced
21 neighbors in attendance

    1. Minutes read and reports issued (Daria Christian was unable to attend/report as Financial Sec.)
    2. Pres. Gloria Bouldin and VP Mark Brandon reported the results of a City Planning Commission meeting on March 7:
      1. Both feel this will need to go back to the CPC because of boundary questions, many changes at Maymont Park, etc.
      2. Byrd Park now listed as a National Historic Place … maybe this is going to help our efforts to change the current site
    3. Sidewalks: they are coming! And they look great. “Thanks, Councilman Parker Agelasto!”
    4. Council Liaison Ida Jones presented on some recent interest in establishing a Parking District/Permit Zone. She brought several handouts and answered questions from residents. The permit would exclude visiting family members and out-of-town guests between hours designated by neighbors at MCL meetings.
    5. Neighbors requested a greater police presence on Texas Ave.; drinking and driving is a problem, the gate needs to be closed nightly, off-leash dogs running wild, parking throughout the entire weekend is a problem for folks who live on the street. The solution needs to better policing and not parking restrictions! Could better signage be placed at the trail head? Neighbors are concerned about a changing reputation at Texas Beach, that it is now a party place.
      Action Points:

      • James River Park Association should be invited to our next meeting
      • Police officers should be contacted every time we see alcohol being carried into the park or an angry dog off-leash
      • We should request better signage and more law enforcement for alcohol and drug infractions
    6. Council Liaison Ida Jones presented three important upcoming dates from Parker Agelasto’s office:
      a. Thursday, April 7th (District Mtg.) at 6:30, South Side Plaza
      b. Deadline for City of Richmond’s Tax Relief for the Elderly & Disabled Program (applications were distributed)
      c. Community Clean-Up for the Maymont neighborhood is scheduled for Saturday, October 15th, from 9am-Noon
    7. “Heads Up” about the Annual Block Party from Leah Page-Jean … she proposes moving the event from October to late-Spring. Would anyone like to plan the event this year? A request was made to serve a full meal at the Block Party and to include a potluck. Volunteers for the Block Party Planning Committee:
      Agnes Lipscolme, Lillie Sanders, Kelly McClellan, and Agnes Nicholson
    8. A request was made to bring in a representative from RRHA to share with us what the plans are for the boarded-up houses in our neighborhood.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15