Meeting Minutes: May 18, 2015

Maymont Civic League Meeting Minutes
Monday, May 18th, 2015

Meeting began at 7:00pm

          1. Pres. Gloria Bouldin led a welcome and introduction of MCL leadership
          2. Minutes of meeting on March 16th were read by Sec. Libby Germer
          3. Financial Secretary Daria Blom and VP Mark Brandon were unable to attend, but a memo from Mark re: the Maymont Foundation’s building plans was disseminated
          4. Treasurer’s report: Leah Page-Jean read her report, with an ending balance of $4,4383.20 in the Civic League account.
          5. John Nicholson of Maymont Park read a memo from Norman Burns about their halted plans re: the horticulture building (until further neighborhood mtgs occur)
          6. Presentation from Storefront for Community Design’s Director Ryan Rinn. They help neighborhoods make innovative improvement plans. He pitched a possible $500 round table meeting with the MCL members who are interested in traffic calming, bike safety, and side walk installation plans (another $500 for drafting any documents).
          7. Skate park and community garden update: We were awarded a $750 grant from Keeping VA Beautiful, to go towards the new community garden’s raised beds/plantings.
          8. Other Business
            1. Gayle Turner concerned with parking on her street due to Texas Beach traffic
            2. Mike of 1805 Greenville Ave. needs petitions signed by neighbors within 150’ of his tall fence, because of City ordinance (fences should be lower than 6.5’).
            3. Local citizen (Georgia Ave. resident) was recently apprehended by Police for stealing license plates and breaking into several vehicles. Wanted poster with his description was passed around, because he was released from jail on bond.
          9. Continuing Business
            1. A motion was passed in March to set aside $300 for recognition of long-time Civic League leaders. Kent Eanes (who was not in attendance) may still put together an event to recognize the community leaders.

Next meeting: Monday, September 21st.