Meeting Minutes November 21st, 2016

20 Neighbors in Attendance

Meeting began at 7:01pm

  1. Greeting with Thanksgiving poem: Gloria Bouldin
  2. Reading of the Minutes: Secretary Libby Germer and Treasurer Leah Page-Jean
  3. Maymont Park Open House: December 4th from Noon-5pm (lots of holiday events, see website)
  4. Red Holiday Bows: Informal poll among attendees showed that we are still interested in hanging the bows and multiple volunteers raised their hands to assist with the hanging of the bows.
  5. Feed More: A motion was passed by all attendees to donate $100 of MCL funds to local, needy families for a Thanksgiving meal.
  6. New slate of nominees for Civic League recommended for the vote by Joy Whitney-Rogers:
    1. President: Mark Brandon
    2. Vice President: Andrea Almond
    3. Secretary: Thomas Hanson
    4. Treasurer: Davis Barry
    5. Financial Secretary: Caleb Harris
  7. Lieutenant Woo: Update from the police department Precinct 3 … 7 car break-ins have occurred in Maymont, Randolph, and Byrd Park areas over the last month, but have only included small items and petty cash. One indication that it may be homeless people is that Monroe Park has recently been closed to itinerant people. There were also home robberies on Meadow St. and a break-in on Texas Ave. Lots of nighttime gun fire has been reported and the only tip the police have is an “older silver four-door car” and the police request phone calls whenever we hear gunfire.
  8. Other matters:
    1. Progress on Riverview Community Park: the ground is set to be broken this spring on a new playground
    2. RRHA: seems to be moving slow, but have promised to auction off homes in our neighborhood (map on Civic League website)
    3. Christmas Decoration Competition: a motion was passed to create a competition between neighbors who want to decorate their homes in creative ways for the Holidays
    4. Sidewalks: continuing to be constructed throughout the neighborhood. A neighbor is going to speak to the homeowner whose mulberry bush is overgrown on the corner of Meadow and Pennsylvania.
    5. Bus routes: are they being changed throughout the neighborhood? We should pay attention to the changes being made
    6. Cheryl Williams-Boney made a donation in the amount of $28.43 on behalf of the MCL to the family of Mr. Henry Smith, deceased.